Monday, February 13, 2006

Can someone please tell me...

...where the Muslim Street manages to find so many Denmark flags? I mean, can you stroll down to your local Tehrani Costco and pick up a flag of choice? Are there street vendors hawking the hated-nation-of-the-moment paraphernalia for burning purposes? Or are there just enough unemployed seamstresses sitting around the cities that they can fire 'em up at anytime to make very official-looking flags? I mean, a lot of those US flags I always see burning look like pretty decent quality stuff, not like they just spray painted a bedsheet or something. AND by the way, in these fits of rage do the prices of said paraphernalia go through the roof? A run on Danish flags, if you will? I imagine there's a killing to be made - pun intended - in that line of work.

I'm sure you all saw the "Freedom go to hell" and "Europe learn your lesson from 9/11" type signs that were flying all over the place. Oh but let us not forget, though, Islam means peace!


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