Thursday, January 05, 2006


Seriously, how the hell does it not only know shit I might like, but shit I already HAVE which I didn't order from them (or any accessories)? I get onto Amazon and they tell me I might like a Samsung 56" DLP (own it) or a Motorola Razr (own it).

Whatever, I shall bask in the glory of knowing I bought my Razr a year ago unlike all you posers who didn't buy it till now. Pfffttttt. It was actually a somewhat exclusive club for the first six months or so that I owned it, and then the first time I noticed its widespread-ed-ness (I voted for W, I can make up words, natch) was among LSU fans who travelled to the Arizona State game in September. And I live in Los Angeles! How devestating.

No matter how much I try, with technology I can't help but get annoyed when prices decline six seconds after Best Buy's 30-day price match expires. Even ten months later, too! Lord help me. I'm a relatively cheap bastard. I suppose that cuts me out well for this value investing bidniss.

Oh, and back to Amazon. Seriously, they've got feelers in your living room now. Look out.


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