Thursday, January 05, 2006

Best thing about the Horns' win for this fan... that now my Aints have a legitimate shot at owning the Reggie Bush pick, which will have absolutely enormous trade value (seeing as we can't afford to cut Deuce to pay him, and we can't afford to just sign him as an alternate back - he will not be a Saint).

Funny how ONE GAME can so dramatically alter the popular perception of two players. And it's not like Bush had a bad game - 180 very quiet yards, other than another Superman touchdown. And Bush's image probably hasn't suffered, it's just that Vince has overtaken him, and in terms of the "HOLY SHIT" scale, deservedly so.

But in terms of NFL prospects? Craig James made a postgame comment on how he'd not been sold on Vince Young as an NFL player at all before the game, but now one should forget all about it and anoint him the Next Big Thing. A 30+ game career, a full season of being entirely in the spotlight, mostly because of his superhuman feats in a Rose Bowl LAST YEAR - forget it. Any opinion you had of Vince based on that 30 game stretch should be tossed in the gutter and this guy is immediately can't-miss.

How many times did Vince throw the ball more than 20 yards downfield? Not to knock Vince, my intention is to knock Craig James, but I think it's a bit irrational to do a complete re-evaluation of a collegiate athlete's career/talent/attributes based on one single game, no matter how big the game or how otherworldly the performance (EVEN in this case, which was arguably the greatest single game performance in the history of college football).

And the thing is - NO ONE will argue with the Houston Texans now if they take Vince Young over Reggie Bush now. He's the hometown guy, the entire state of Texas would be lining up to deliver him their extra kidney should he ever need it, David Carr just isn't working out all that well anyway, and Domanick Davis has generally been a solid option for the Texans in the backfield. So, Carr and Bush or Young and Davis? Honestly, the world won't fault them for taking either path.

So thank you, Vince Young, for potentially giving my Aints some much-needed extra ammunition when it comes to stacking our cupboard come April.

Incidentally, did anyone else know Vince's accent is as thick Southern as it is? I've seen interviews with the guy, but the postgame comment "THE CRYSTAH BAWL IS COMIN BACK TAH AWSTIN TEXUS BAYYYYBEE" sorta caught me off guard. Pow Wow's disco baw (Paul Wall/disco ball) type stuff. (That link is to Paul Wall's website on the WIDE WORLD WEB. Hah.)


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