Friday, November 11, 2005

Pac 10 vs SEC stuff

I'm way behind on putting this up but CFR has now started a Pac 10 vs SEC forum. heh. Good discussions around the place, though.

Other posts:

CFR on the Pac 10

CFR on the SEC

HP's top ten with some discussion of the matter. You just have to love his having a team which lost 52-14 in his top ten over LSU because we only beat I-AA App State 24-0. Give me a damn break. It's been clear all year long that UCLA is vastly overrated, and when they finally capitulate, it's time to give them a break, rather than LSU which despite its ugly play has actually been handling its business.

Another one from HP on the SEC's overrated state, quoting an article out of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

One more from HP. I haven't had time to read most of these but will get around to it this weekend. Undoubtedly, as is usually the case with CFR and HP, it should be intelligent discussion, far better than anything we get out of ESPN et al.

Somewhere in the CFR universe he mentioned that not just our offense but our DEFENSE has been subpar. I need to go back and find it and request some elaboration there. Because as you can guess, I find that assertion to be complete horseshit. But who knows...we'll see if the Tide rolls us this weekend.

O/U for LSU-Bama is 37.5. Tempted to take the under.


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