Thursday, September 22, 2005

When wedding "Save the Date"s can be useful

My friend Ankur is getting married soon. As the "Save the Date" card for the wedding, they printed fridge magnets with the details on it. I only have one fridge magnet with a couple business cards under it, and then a stack of stuff on the counter that I would put up there if I had ANOTHER FRIDGE MAGNET. And here come Ankur and Bula to save the day. That's just good shit. May not work for everyone, but clearly served a purpose for me.

Those are the little things that add a twist of happiness to my day. Because otherwise, I'd always look at the stack of stuff and say "Damn, we need another magnet." But when I'm actually at a store that might have said magnets, which is rare anyway, I never think to myself "Hey, let me go to the fridge magnet section, as that's something I need." Because it's not something I write down.

I'm blogging about this because I have nothing else to write about, and as are the rest of the bloggers out there, I am an attention whore.


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