Sunday, September 25, 2005

The neverending optimism of Saints fans

[Edit: Had wrong link up.]

After that garbage of an effort that was today's game, even erstwhile levelheaded Saints fans seem to be drinking the Kool Aid that there are signs this team could be competitive. We're in Haslett's sixth year, fifth since we were a playoff team, and are showing the same signs we've always showed. Poor discipline, terrible decisionmaking by coaches and players, and general lackluster effort on top of a God-awful defense. I'll probably get flamed for saying what I did on this thread, but frankly, it seems too many feel comfortable in their ability to see the big picture as "New Orleans Saints" as opposed to this individual game, when instead they should be viewing the context of the entire NFL.

We've had plenty of time to make changes. In that time, other teams have gone on to become elite teams, whereas we have continually regressed. Or merely treaded in the waters of mediocrity. Ugh.


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