Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Aaron Broussard on Meet the Press video link

From Crooks and Liars' website

This is the President of Jefferson Parish. Watch it till the end, when he breaks down sobbing uncontrollably.

I've been an ardent supporter of Bush forever, but if he doesn't make sure FEMA heads roll here, he'll have lost me and a hell of a lot of other people who voted for him.


At 9/08/2005 07:55:00 AM, Blogger JCCobb said...

you ever watch the daily show? After last night, you'd think Michael Brown would have been fired on the spot. It still blows my mind that he actually responded that the government didn't know about the people in the convention center until Thursday

At 9/12/2005 05:49:00 PM, Blogger Publius said...

Didn't see the Daily Show with it but didn't take altogether too long for Brown to be gone.


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