Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend reveiew

I hate Auburn. I'm not going to bitch about the officials, since we had our chances and didn't take advantage of them. I'm just happy that Les had the team ready and we put up an awesome effort on the road. We're clearly still a top ten team, and I think the outcome would have been reversed in Baton Rouge. Congrats to Auburn, I hope Florida and Georgia beat 'em!

I'm just at a loss for words with the Saints. Yeah we just played two pretty terrible teams but to come out with wins on the road with THIS defense boggles my mind. I expected 4-5 wins all season from this team. Now with Tampa looking so bad, having three Ws by the bye (week 7) seems very possible. The biggest story yesterday was Brees' ability to come back from that gawd awful start: fumbles on the first two possessions and a pick deep in GB territory on the third. So we spot GB a quick 13-0 lead and all signs point towards our being well on the way to a repeat of the 52-3 annihilation they handed us last year. And yet we turn it around - WITHOUT any gift idiot plays from the aging Brett Favre - and win 34-27. Somehow, after two games, we're 10th in the NFL in total yards per game, 7th in third down conversions, and 6th in fewest penalties (with #s 1 and 2 playing in tonight's game so we may wind up even higher).

And now, some random NFL observations, some of which I'm sure my roommate will pontificate on at length this week:

  • NBC's Sunday Night football pregame show is terrible. The music is more fitted for the Olympics. Bob Costas isn't a good highlight guy - my roommate agrees with me here. Dammit, I just miss PrimeTime.

  • CBS is using the same graphics for NFL and college football, it seems. Wow, way to be original guys.

  • Fox dropped the annoying robot sound from Week One. Thank God. And the halftime graphics which were inexplicably garbage the last couple years are finally gone, and the halftime show is now watchable.

  • I can't believe how bad so many teams are this year, and more than that - the fact that the Saints thus far ain't one of them. I don't know whether these defenses are insanely good or the offenses they're facing are just gawd awful. I guess the Bears and Ravens get the benefit of the doubt for having a proven history, but the Chargers for instance I'm waiting on. The Raidahs - led by former Aint Aaron Brooks - and Titans are by no means juggernaut offenses. I emailed the roomie yesterday (again, he's on an NFL broadcast crew so not here during games) at halftime of the afternoon games, and of the five, there were four shutouts in progress and one in which the trailing team had put up 3. Anyway, thus far in the season we have:
    1. Tampa with 3 points through 2 games
    2. Oakland with 6 points through 2 games
    3. Kansas City missing Al Saunders (OC who went to Washington) much? 10 points vs Cincy at home and then 6 at Denver. Yikes.
    4. Denver, traditional machine on offense, with only 19 points (and one TD) through two games.
    5. Ditto Carolina.

  • I'm glad ESPN gave us the drawings of what Big Ben's inflamed appendix looks like. I was just dying to know, assholes.

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