Tuesday, September 13, 2005

CFR Rankings discussion

CFR has an interesting ranking view. Much as I disagree with it (especially ASU ahead of LSU), the sentiment is well placed and well articulated. Good and generally intelligent comment section as well on this post.

I still think he and Heisman Pundit give way too much credit to sophisticated offense as being the key to good football teams. I'm a big believer that defense wins championships.


At 9/13/2005 11:39:00 AM, Blogger JCCobb said...

I ran into some interesting data when i read their post last night. NFL stats, from 1983:


Offense Defense

No. 1-ranked Super Bowl champions 4 5
Top-five-ranked Super Bowl champions 12 12
No. 1-ranked conference champions 9 5
Top-five-ranked conference champions 21 17


No. 1-ranked Super Bowl champions 6 6
Top-five-ranked Super Bowl champions 14 13
No. 1-ranked conference champions 11 7
Top-five-ranked conference champions 28 18

At 9/13/2005 08:25:00 PM, Blogger Publius said...

And why is the data through 1983?

In any event, I'd like to see turnover margin added in there. How many times (net) does the defense take it away and give the offense more chances to gain yards and score points?

At 9/13/2005 11:12:00 PM, Blogger JCCobb said...

data is from 83 because strike season of 82 and rule changes in late 70's which i'm not extremely familiar with


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